Our farm in Gallatin, Missouri with perfectly aligned rows of soybeans.

Discover the Heart of Farm House Collection: Our Story Unveiled


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As caretakers of the land, our businesses, and our communities, Farm House Collection is committed to making this land and business better than we found them and enriching the lives of the people we meet along the way. Our goal is to create a better path for future generations to thrive and benefit from the work that we do today.

The Beginning of Farm House Collection

Today's Farm House Collection is the brainchild of the Bohannon family, who has been farming in the northwest Missouri area for ten generations. As soybean farmers, purchasing a soy candle business alongside farming wasn't much of a stretch. Farmers are known for working long hours, not shying away from challenges, and having a tenacity unsurpassed by most. While dangerous and dependent upon uncontrollable factors like Mother Nature, farming to feed and support civilization is, according to the Bohannon family, the most rewarding work one can do, and they don't take the task lightly.

Farming is arguably one of the most vital industries for civilization: human existence depends directly upon bringing food to the masses, a heroic task often unappreciated and taken for granted.

The Bohannon Family

The Bohannon family

Back Row: Travis Bohannon, Linda Bohannon, Mike Bohannon, Amanda Riley, Mitch Riley

Front Row: Molly Riley & Cash Bohannon

Farming is a way of life and a tradition, with each new generation expected to build upon the knowledge and experience of those who came before them. 

The Bohannon ancestors became American landowners in the 1650s, and the first Bohannon farm in Daviess County was developed in the 1880s. Mike began farming with his father at the early age of seven until he turned 16 when he started sharecropping. Shortly after, he met his now-wife, Linda, and they began farming together after they married in 1976. They have since carried on the farming legacy by farming a 1,200-acre farm with their children and grandchildren.

Today, close to the Bohannon farm, and still in Daviess County, their son Travis and his son, Cash, farm together with Mike and Linda. Meanwhile, Amanda and her husband Mitch, along with their daughter Molly, farm and raise cattle with Mitch's family.

A tractor farming the Bohannon farm

An opportunity to create a legacy for future generations, to further develop a sense of community, and enrich the lives of those who shop small presented itself and the Bohannons purchased Farm House Collection.

Farm House Collection: A New Adventure

Farm House Collection was an existing candle business in the heart of Jamesport, Missouri, only a few miles from the farm. When the business became available for purchase, the Bohannons saw an opportunity to work together as a family every day. Aside from farming on each of their prospective farms, the Bohannons spent the first year refining their candlemaking skills.

The science and math behind candlemaking presented many challenges for the family that was new to the art, but perseverance prevailed, and Farm House Collection began expanding.

Jamesport location purchased in 2008

(pictured right)

Farm House Collection

"We saw an opportunity to buy a business, and have the family work together."

Amanda Riley

6 years after purchasing Farm House Collection, the small business expanded to the nearby town of Hamilton, Missouri, in 2014. At this time, the company had expanded its product line, continued refining its candlemaking skills, and delved into the world of bath and body products, including shea butter, lotion, body spray, and reed diffusers. 

Hamilton is a well-known town among the quilting community, and Farm House Collection hoped to find a home among the locals and the quilting community. Fortunately, the business still serves the community and has since developed valuable relationships with locals and other locally-owned small businesses.  

Farm House Collection

Four years later, in 2016, the Bohannons were encouraged to open a location in Parkville, Missouri. This presented a new set of challenges, having a location more than an hour south of their original Jamesport store where they made all their products. Deliveries would be made regularly, and Parkville became a popular destination for Farm House Collection supporters.

Eventually outgrowing the original space, the Parkville location relocated across the street, doubling the square footage and increasing foot traffic.

The Parkville community was and remains to be welcoming to Farm House Collection

Farm House Collection

In 2022, the Parkville location had an opportunity to expand again. The concept of allowing customers to make their own products was developed and Farm House Collection opened The Farmacy on Main.

The Farmacy is a fragrance bar and event space where customers are given access to over 50 premium fragrances and all the necessary ingredients to create their own candles, soaps, lotions, room sprays, diffusers, and more. Reservations are encouraged, but not required. The Farmacy has hosted numerous birthday parties, team building, family reunions, showers, and "just because." You think of a reason to gather some friends and family, and The Farmacy will gladly host it!

Wax poured into vessel at The Farmacy

Your sense of smell has a direct connection to the brain and can, therefore, trigger memories and create new ones. 

Farm House Collection's signature fragrance, Farm House, was one of their original fragrances. Every time they pour a fresh batch of Farm House candles, it reminds the Bohannons of how far they have come with your support, from the days of making candles in a dimly lit room tucked in the back corner of the store to pouring candles in a large sunlit room surrounded by their customers' smiling faces. 

You won't be able to resist its charming blend of apple, freshly baked vanilla, cloves, nutmeg, and allspice. Add a few spritzes of Farm House room & linen spray to your pillows, bath towels, curtains, and rugs for added freshness. Immediately before visitors arrive, a few spritzes in the air will do the trick.

Love Potion bath and body products

Candles create a warm ambiance and are the perfect tool to enhance any space while creating a personalized nostalgic experience.

The Bohannons and the entire Farm House Collection family are honored to have served their communities for the last 16 years and hope to continue serving these communities for years to come. As always, Farm House Collection, as a company and from all the individuals who make up the Farm House Collection family, sincerely appreciates the opportunity. If not for you, the amazing and loyal customer, neither Farm House Collection nor The Farmacy on Main would exist. Farming and operating a small business has its challenges, but none of the Farm House family members would consider the responsibility anything other than a blessing. 

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