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Celebrating Valentine's Day with Love Potion: An Emotional Fragrance


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Love is in the air with Love Potion! This fragrant blend of fruity and floral notes offers a delightful mix of apple, peach, ripe grapefruit, cherry blossom, hydrangea, and vanilla powder. Refreshing and's guaranteed to sweep you off your feet this Valentine's Day.

The Perfect Valentine's Day Fragrance

Valentine's Day is the one day of the year allocated to expressing our love for one another. We give gifts, express feelings that we may not convey to one another regularly, and make an effort to let those around us know they are loved and appreciated. While most of us associate Valentine's Day with spouses and partners exchanging gifts, we believe Valentine's Day should be celebrated between friends, neighbors, colleagues, and everyone! There simply is no such thing as too much love and gratitude. In fact, we think there should be more of it in this world!

That friend who is always there to listen, that colleague who supports you, or the neighbor who is always willing to let you borrow that missing ingredient; we all need a little love and gratitude, especially on Valentine's Day. There's never a wrong time to show someone you appreciate them; Valentine's Day is the perfect day to let them know how you feel.

We believe Valentine's Day should be celebrated between friends, neighbors, colleagues, and everyone! There simply is no such thing as too much love and gratitude. 

The Emotional Beginning of Love Potion

We released Love Potion on March 18th, 2020. This day was mostly memorable because COVID-19 was sweeping the nation, and on this day, the government shut us down. Countless small businesses were forced to close their doors and "hope for the best" in the coming weeks. We were terrified, confused, and worried. We always had a business plan full of goals, but we hadn't planned for a complete shutdown.

None of us knew what the future held. 

Once we collected ourselves from the shock of it all, we decided we didn't get this far as a company by lying down. So we announced our release of Love Potion amidst the closure of our storefronts. We then braced ourselves for the unknown.

A lit Medium Country candle

Love Potion was released during the most emotional time in our company and has since gained popularity among those who want to express gratitude and love.

A collection of Love Potion candles

Without ever smelling the fragrance, you placed orders and sold out our inventory in record time. We will forever be grateful to everyone who, through their own fears, showed up to support little ol' us. In the last four years, Love Potion has become a favorite amongst our customers and still evokes gratitude and love every time we pour another batch, light a candle, use the soap and lotion, or ship an order to you. This particular fragrance is a constant reminder that there is good in this world, that good people exist, that determination is the key to success, and that with enough fortitude, anything is possible.

"Love Potion is more than a fragrance. It's a declaration. A reminder of what is possible and what is yet to be."

Lauren Watson

Valentine's Day as a Self-Care Reminder

We don't all have a "someone" who uses Valentine's Day to express their love and gratitude to us. That's exactly why expressing that love and gratitude to yourself is so important. Not just on Valentine's Day, but every day. However, what better day to remind yourself how worthy you are of feeling good and how much you can accomplish just by believing in yourself?

Love Potion is infused with essential oils that are thought to help balance mood, decrease blood pressure, relieve stress, alleviate anxiety, and restore calm. We don't know anyone who couldn't benefit from a calming fragrance like Love Potion. 

Love Potion bath and body products

Infused with essential oils that help balance mood, decrease blood pressure, relieve stress, alleviate anxiety, and restore calm, Love Potion products are guaranteed to sweep you off your feet this Valentine's Day.

Aside from Love Potion candles, we highly recommend using our other Love Potion products to fragrance your home. Try spritzing Love Potion Room & Linen Spray on your pillows, bath towels, curtains, and rugs for added freshness. We like to add a spritz to our vacuum bag before we vacuum for an added burst of fragrance while cleaning. Immediately before visitors arrive, a few spritzes in the air will do the trick. If you have a stressful commute to and from work, leave a 2-ounce Room & Linen Spray in your car. Use a few spritzes before each commute and you'll notice deeper breathing and a calmer commute.

Since we don't use any nasty chemicals, our Room & Linen Sprays double as a body spray. Love Potion is a fabulous bath & body fragrance. A few spritzes on your wrists, and you're ready to calmly conquer a hectic day. If you really want to turn heads and calm those around you, boost your fragrance by pairing our moisturizing lotion with your spray. 

Round out your self-care routine with our Love Potion Bath & Body products. Our hand soap is moisturizing and won't dry out your hands, but for added moisture pair our lotion with the hand soap, especially during the winter months when skin tends to be drier. The 2-ounce lotion is ideal for travel. Our bar soap is full of fragrance and formulated to help retain moisture. Paired with our lotion, the bar soap will give your skin all the moisture it needs while also giving you the relaxation you deserve. 

For the ultimate self-care moment, we highly recommend adding a votive to your bathing routine. If you have never bathed by candlelight, you are missing out. A flower pot votive is the extra little touch that takes your self-care game to the next level. 

Whether you are shopping for yourself or looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gift, Love Potion is the fragrance that delivers all the gratitude and love.

We will forever be grateful to everyone who supported us during the hard times in 2020. This Valentine's Day and every day we express our love and gratitude to all of you for choosing to support us, loving us, and celebrating with us.

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Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours!


Having worked in the nursing home industry through the pandemic, this post brought some tears. I was fin the shop yesterday and picking up my Red Kingdom candle and did take a sniff of this fragrance. My next trip, I will pick this up. Thank you for such a great product, and thank you for this blog post.

Sarah Miller

Love you guys and store!

Karen goyen

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